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Our Team

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We are here for you with pleasure:

Front Office

Mandy Gufler and Christoph Klotz and their colleagues will be happy to recomment the most beautiful hiking trails, ski slopes and bike tours in the Zugspitz region.

But our Front Office team are also always ready to listen to other requests!

We will be glad to help you!

Spa & Wellness

Our feel-good team around Andreas Glas and Martina Ondakova in the Well-Vita will take care of your relaxation in the wellness area. There you will be advised which cosmetic care suits you best, how to relieve tensions most effectively or what you should pay attention to before and after a sauna session.

Kitchen & Service

Our kitchen team under the direction of Marco Reinhold will present to you what genuine culinary enjoyment means. He is happy to surprise you with fine delicacies from Bavarian cuisine.

In the restaurant the team of Ruth Weniger and Erich Kloiber ensnares you.
At the bar Marc Bocklet and his team will create cocktails and various mix drinks for you in advanced hours.


Our busy “bees” in the background. The ladies from team of Gabriela Boer and Nathalie Fischer make your beds and clean your room. All this happens while you are in session, climbing the surrounding mountains or doing a few laps in our swimming pool.

We are looking forward to your visit!